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“I started seeing Stephanie at a confusing, transitional period in my life, last summer. Since then, she has helped me find clarity about my circumstances and strength to move forward. With her guidance, I removed the mental road blocks that were preventing me from getting on with the life I wanted. Today, my life is dramatically more interesting, satisfying and honest than before I started.

Stephanie is knowledgeable and professional. She asks thoughtful questions and makes apt observations in a way that allows me to understand something about myself or to describe something I can’t quite put my finger on. Her intuition is excellent. She sometimes pin points where I want or need to go before I even say anything.

One thing that really sets Stephanie apart is her warmth and spirit. She creates a calm and easygoing environment, which is so helpful when you arrive anxious or troubled by something. To know you’re in a safe, tranquil space is such a relief. And her sense of humour is delightful. Although I often come in with a serious problem, I always find myself laughing during our sessions. Stephanie creates an environment where untangling thoughts and feelings is joyful, fun, a celebration even. Her approach reminds me that life is a curious journey and is something to be taken on whole-heartedly, not something to shy away from. I always walk out of our sessions with a remarkable sense of understanding and peace.

What has surprised me is the long-term benefits of our sessions. Stephanie’s approach leads me to insights that often help me in other areas of my life, besides the specific issue I enter the session with. The work that I do with her makes me feel I have more capacity to take on what life throws at me. And, I have discovered that with time the lessons continue to strengthen and solidify in my mind, long after the sessions have passed. I see my work with Stephanie as an investment in my long-term mental health, and more than just one-time relief.

I would not only say that I recommend Stephanie, but I have done so on several occasions with family members and close friends, after which they all have remarked about how time flies and the conversations flow, and also about how noticeably improved they feel afterward.

I have grown a huge amount as person with Stephanie’s support. I don’t see her as much as I once did, but her contact info is always close at hand, whether for myself or loved ones who need guidance, and I’m often in touch with her just to catch up.”

~ Adam J.


“I am a rather nervous dental patient. Even a cleaning makes me anxious and I spend much of the appointment with hands squeezed together and butt clenched off the chair. I was scheduled for a 2 hour appointment to replace three fillings which was filling me with dread. Stephanie did a short tapping session with me the day before my scheduled appointment. I had experienced the positive effects from tapping previous to this session, so I was hopeful it could help. After the session I felt more relaxed and more importantly, I felt prepared with some tools to get me through the appointment. I arrived at my appointment a few minutes late so I was already a little wound up. I took a few minutes to slow my breathing and I grounded myself with holding my wrist and saying “Peace” as instructed by Stephanie. The dentist arrived and it was time for the dreaded freezing. Instead of clenching every muscle in my body as per usual, I visualized a pleasant place and tapped my two middle fingers together during the injection. This seemed to reset my mind and body and I settled into the chair.

I was in the chair for 2 full hours. I have never been that relaxed for anything, let alone a dental appointment. I let the dentist and dental assistant know that I was planning on zoning out for most of the procedure and if they needed me to participate in any way, they would need to touch me on the face. At some point I was aware of how relaxed I was.  I did a body check and realized my limbs felt heavy, my breathing was slow, and that I was barely aware of the drilling and suctioning that was going on in my mouth. The dentist said after she was done, that she thought I had fallen asleep. The appointment was a full two hours and I felt like it lasted about 45 minutes. This was a mind altering experience for me. I felt safe, in control, and created a positive experience with the help of Stephanie and her tapping.



“May I also say that I love, love, love the way you laugh during your sessions with clients and sometimes on the videos as well. Your wonderful humour and your beautiful, light energy are definitely gifts that you bring to this work and I find it so refreshing that this is part of who you are and how you do what you do. Thank you!”

~A participant in one of the Get Unstuck online programs


“Really good news: I flew Vancouver-Toronto then Toronto-Ottawa today and actually had fun. I fell asleep. I enjoyed the actual flying part. It was a miracle. I think all the work we did…has finally sunk in. I am better every time I fly. I only woke up an hour early this morning, and actually slept last night before the flight: unheard of! I spent much of the trip using your recordings and chipping away at this and that and drowsing. Nice! So thank you very very much.”

~ Note following up work on a fear of flying from Patricia W.


“I had been stuck with unsatisfied feelings and being not accepted in relationships forever. As a result of being stuck for a long time, I carried strong negative feelings toward myself and people who were involved in the unwelcomed events. My doubts and unhappiness had become huge trust issues and I was not being able to open to others. I was not able to accept who I was and the differences between me and others, even though my head knows everybody is different. I could only see all relationships from a single view. I suffered with guilt about the way I responded to situations and others in relationships.

I didn’t like myself. I couldn’t value my nature, and I wondered why everything seemed to not go well. I had been frustrated, and felt completely lost.

I’ve been noticing so many changes after participation in the get-unstuck program. The biggest improvement is that I am happy with who I am! I learned my responses lead outcomes through the program, which is a massive shift in my emotions in relationships. I am able to notice and analyse situations before being upset, like being able to think why this happened, how others would have thought in terms of making their decisions instead of being judgmental. I’m capable of being gentle to myself and others. I don’t feel guilty even though I admit there is a limit to what I can do. I’ve established healthier boundaries in order to respect myself.

With respect to the improvements I’ve made, I’m proud of myself. Also, I’m grateful for the improvements through the program because I wouldn’t be at a happy place now.

I would highly recommend this program because it is full of discoveries and clearing old nasty stuff that has been inside, and things that are even unrecognized. This program not only to leads you getting unstuck, it is learning, accepting, forgiving yourself which supports you to establish an 180 degree different view to look at the world. It is a wonderful and powerful program that conveys peace.

Another beneficial part of this program is that you are able to go back and do each module anytime as something else comes up along other modules. Each module is well designed with its focus and right sequence. Each module was well explained and organized. Stephanie Wood is a wonderful and very experienced EFT practitioner who opens clogged minds with her warm questions and lead. I’ve always learned something new about myself through her sessions and program.”

~ Mariko


“I just wanted to say how blessed I am with you and [this] module. I have to be honest, since we last saw one another, embarrassingly so I reached another low, without getting into all the details let’s just say each day was another low deeper in the pit and farther away from the ‘high’ and ‘real me power self’ I had felt…I was even resistant and irritated at all the process work, EFT or otherwise.

First, while still bummed, cynical and feeling really REALLY shitty and down, I watched the intro video and I’ve got to say that it was ‘you’, your little happy buzz self and your authenticity, that touched my heart and beckoned me to proceed. I saw the little girl in you and it touched me and brought a smile to my face. A smile?! YAY! I was intrigued by the ‘romance yourself’ invitation that you gave and although still a little grumpy and Archie Bunker-like, I…went straight to the forgiveness audio and then the acceptance recording.

It lifted! And a light was turned on inside me. Thank you, Stephanie. I know it’s a journey and the days sometimes feel like the waves of the ocean and I become a little sea sick being thrashed around with them, and weary in well doing to the point of just giving up, but for this moment I am grateful. For you, I am grateful! For me, I am grateful!”

~ Program feedback from a participant in one of the Get Unstuck online programs


“Stephanie’s skill and ease with EFT is remarkable. I had suffered from anxiety and depression for several years. When I tried EFT with Stephanie, I progressed a lot more quickly than using regular talk therapy because I felt a significant change in both my mind and body.

Stephanie sets a comfortable and warm environment where it is easy to express your feelings and confront your personal obstacles. She is intuitive, patient and encouraging of the healing process. It is difficult to not feel the impact of someone’s strong dedication to their work like Stephanie. Go see her!“

~ Francesca


“Before beginning the program, I had the following challenges:

  • Inability to make commitments or engage in long term loving compassionate relationships
  • Tremendous lack of focus, clarity and a tendency to procrastinate with everything especially building relationships
  • Morbid fear of being disliked and/or being rejected by anyone (including strangers!).

I felt relentlessly critical with myself – nothing I did was enough. I was very focused on my wasted potential and failure in most of my important relationships. I believed I was a big disappointment due to my lack of contact and attentiveness. I also felt dissatisfied/frustrated with my perceived lack of progress in personal evolution. Every day I beat myself up about how much time and money I have spent on this stuff and still seemed to be as stuck as ever….

I usually found there was “something wrong” with everyone I allowed in my life that justified my pushing them away. I had very thick boundaries with some and very thin boundaries with others.

After participating in the program, I notice that every area of my life has improved and/or I am more at peace with where I am (this is huge!). I am more content in my job and accepting of where I am in my career. Not sure where I am going and more ok than before with the not knowingness. Level of gratitude for all the positive aspects of my job has increased. I am also more centred when experiencing stressful situations. I am usually able to tap away my anxiety!

I now love my living space and have been more comfortable staying still – not something I felt comfortable to do before doing the program. With friends, family and people in general – had a HUGE breakthrough re: allowing others to be who they are as is. They have every right to be as they are just as I have every right to be as I am! What a relief! This insight has changed every relationship in my life. Not up to me to decide how they live their life and if they are “good or bad” My judgement and wanting to be right is the wall that kept them out.

Related to last point, I also now know that when I am triggered, it relates to old programming/experiences that have nothing to do with the situation or person. Tapping has really enabled me feel this. The solution I came up with for this situation is forgiveness – of myself and the other. Whewww what a relief. .

I find I am also more willing to ask for what I want and need and say no more confidently to things that don’t work for me. I no longer feel compelled to take on the burden of another’s problems. I REALLY get that no one can solve their problems for them just as no one can solve my problems for me! I need to take some kind of action to precipitate change. My role with those in pain is to be present, support and compassionately listen without feeling compelled to offer advice. This recognition alone has changed all of the key relationships in my life.

Before starting the program, I was constantly focused on all I am not doing and all that I am not. I am now much more ok with where I am and know that everything is as it should be because it is.

The quality of my life has improved dramatically and I am much more confident in dealing with others and managing my inner critic. The result is that I am more open to embracing rather than resisting myself and life. I have hope that my future will involve continual expansion and self- awareness.

I recommend this program because it has the potential to improve your life in every area and build self-confidence/acceptance.

My cup runneth over with Gratitude. I feel truly blessed to have participated in this program.”

~ Leesa W.


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