Work with me

Stephanie Wood

Are you ready to get unstuck, step into your power and live the life you’ve been wanting to live all along?

Do you feel SO ready to get moving in your life that you could almost burst, but aren’t sure how to get past whatever feels like it’s holding you back?

You’ve come to the right place. Big time.

Whether you are in the middle of a life transition, at a crossroads or needing to shift out of a stuck place, individual sessions with an experienced practitioner can make all the difference. I am here to help you move through whatever it is that seems to be in your way to being who you want to be.

F E E S  &  S E S S I O N S

Initial 15 minute phone or Skype consultation – free
Please contact me directly to book an initial free 15 minute consultation.

Single session – $150
One single 75 minute session.
Credit card/PayPal for one session

3 Session Package – $415
This package includes three 75 minute sessions.
Credit card/PayPal payment for 3 sessions

5 Session Package – $625 PLUS a free bonus worth US$99
This package includes five 75 minute sessions. When you purchase the 5 session package, you receive the full DIY Tapping System course for FREE!
Credit card/PayPal for 5 sessions

To book an appointment or series of sessions please contact me at or call 778-233-8787 or use the online booking system.

S E S S I O N   I N F O R M A T I O N

The number of sessions needed varies per person and is completely dependent upon the nature and depth of the issue being treated. Some issues that are clearly defined, easily identifiable and that are a result of single events may be cleared up in just one or two sessions.

Most issues, however, are more complex, and as with many other healing techniques, require several sessions. Most EFT practitioners, myself included, generally recommend a minimum of 5 sessions to work through issues or physical problems.

Positive effects from treatments may show immediately, or may become evident within 24 to 48 hours. It is recommended that clients get plenty of rest between treatments to help facilitate the energy shifts that will be occurring. It is important to drink plenty of fluids before and after each session.

Individual sessions with Stephanie Wood are held by phone, Skype, Zoom or in person in Burnaby, BC, Canada.


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